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Tooth Extractions in Bixby, OK

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Dr. Jelsing offers a fast, efficient, and precise tooth removal experience.

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At Spartan Family Dentistry, we’ve vowed to always try and save your natural tooth. However, there are certain situations when this may not be possible. These include:

  • Advanced periodontal disease
  • Severe tooth decay
  • Teeth with extensive damage
  • Preparation for future orthodontic treatment

If an extraction is the best option, Dr. Jelsing will explain the procedure to you and make sure you feel comfortable before we start. She’ll ensure your comfort by using a local anesthetic to numb the area around your tooth. If you begin to feel nervous (despite the anesthetic), we’ll provide you with sedation dentistry to help you relax.

When you are comfortable, we’ll gently rock your tooth to widen your socket and promptly remove your tooth. You’ll be asked to bite down on a gauze to protect the exposed area. Then, if needed, you’ll be given guidance on your restoration options.

After Your Extraction

How to maintain health and avoid potential problems.
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How to Brush

Following your extraction, you must treat the affected area with care. Please continue to lightly brush your teeth as usual while actively avoiding the extraction site. Furthermore, we recommend you abstain from smoking for at least 48 hours and rinsing the area with liquid.

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What If There Is Bleeding?

It is perfectly normal to have a small amount of bleeding the night after an extraction. This can be controlled by simply biting down on a fresh gauze for 30-40 minutes. If you continue to experience more severe or non-stop bleeding, then please contact us.

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What Should You Eat?

Please don’t eat on the side where the extraction took place. Try only to eat things that can be chewed easily and restrain from extremely hot food. Avoid straws and small foods (nuts, seeds, etc.) that could become stuck. We recommend nourishing foods such as yogurts, eggs, and soups.

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Your Hygiene Routine

As part of the recovery, maintaining an exceptional hygiene routine is imperative. The first step in doing so is to dip a cotton swab into a rinse solution and gently clean the affected area (remember to wait at least 72 hours before manipulating the surgical site). We'll check on you one week after surgery during your follow-up appointment.

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Experiencing Dry Socket?

Dry socket occurs when a blood clot fails to form in your tooth's socket after the extraction. Common symptoms include dull pain, a dry tooth socket, a bad taste in your mouth, or bad breath. To solve this issue, Dr. Jelsing will apply a dressing full of medicine to relieve your pain.

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The Healing Process

The typical recovery process after an extraction usually takes about 7-14 days. During this time, your jawbone and gums begin to heal naturally as Dr. Jelsing thoroughly assesses your progress and provides you with restorative options for your follow-up visit.


I had a great experience with this dentist. Everyone did a wonderful job. I definitely recommend Spartan Family Dentistry if you're looking for a new dentist.

Courtnee D. (Spartan Patient)

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