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Cosmetic Dentures

We add an aesthetic element to tooth replacement.

Have you lost several teeth? Are you suffering from dentures that are both uncomfortable and unstable? At Spartan Family Dentistry, we offer a wide range of denture solutions customized to your needs.

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Give Your Smile a Second Chance
Discover our modern cosmetic dentures.
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Enjoy Your Favorites

Rediscover the delicious flavor of a steak or the refreshing taste of a crisp apple thanks to our implant-retained dentures. These dentures require placing four dental implants in your upper or lower jaw to support your teeth and help you smile in complete comfort.

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Laugh Confidently

With our implant-retained dentures, you can say goodbye to fear of your dentures slipping. With this life-changing solution, your implants will be securely placed within your jaw so that you can speak, smile, and laugh with full confidence.

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Enhance Your Beauty

Love your new smile with our cosmetic dentures and their unique characteristics. By seamlessly blending with your remaining teeth, our dentures are discreet, functional, and durable.

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Custom Solutions

In addition to our implant-retained dentures, we also provide outstanding non-retained partial dentures. We can help you chose a solution that will make you smile with confidence and enjoy life’s perks– without hiding your true self!

Why Our Cosmetic Dentures?

We'll give you our four top reasons!
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Spartan Family Dentistry is your go-to place for world-calls dentures and implants in Bixby, OK.

Why? Here are the top four reasons:

  • Enhanced beauty: Dr. Jelsing specializes in creating aesthetically beautiful dentures that fit, look, and feel great!

  • Specialists under one roof: Achieve your dream smile faster, while enjoying expert care by our outstanding team, all under one roof.

  • IV Sedation is available: If you are nervous about getting implant-retained dentures, we can provide IV sedation to help you feel relaxed during the entire procedure.

  • Zero-judgment dentistry: We’d rather provide you with a unique and worthwhile experience than judge you in any way. Your comfort, health, and satisfaction are our main goals from beginning to end.

Learn more about our denture process and how we can revolutionize your smile.

What happens to my smile after my extraction?
We can provide you with interim or immediate dentures so that no one will know you are missing any teeth.

How many implants will I need for my dentures?
We aim to place at least four dental implants as a foundation for your dentures. However, the more we can place, the more secure your dentures will be. Therefore, Dr. Jelsing will assess your individual case.

Will people notice I have dentures?
Our dentures are what we call cosmetic dentures. They are not your old and dated dentures. Most people won’t have any idea you’re wearing dentures.


The staff was terrific. They got me right in as a new patient. The dentist did everything to minimize my pain. I would recommend Spartan Family Dentistry.

Ginger D. (Spartan Patient)

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