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Dental Crowns

Modern restorations that blend seamlessly into your smile.

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How can dental crowns in Bixby, OK help your oral health?

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At Spartan Family Dentistry, we offer porcelain and porcelain fused to noble metal crowns to help repair your damaged teeth. With our natural-looking and long-lasting crowns, you can enjoy a fully functional and beautiful smile once again!

A crown acts as a protective cap to safeguard your damaged tooth or replace a missing tooth. Our restorative dentist in Bixby, OK, Dr. Jelsing, is well-known for her excellent techniques and outstanding use of modern technology to provide you with a superior, quality restoration.

When placing a crown, our dentist begins by cleaning your tooth and removing all decay. Then, she’ll shape your tooth to make room for the new crown, and take impressions to send off to our partner lab. While we wait for your crown, we’ll provide you with a temporary version to protect your tooth.

Upon getting your crown back, Dr. Jelsing will make any adjustments before placing it at your second appointment. Once you are happy with the look and feel, the crown is securely bonded into place.

The whole process takes place over the course of two appointments and leaves you with a renewed tooth and a beautifully restored smile.


The staff at Spartan Family Dentistry is friendly and professional. Everyone made sure I was comfortable, and the experience was painless!

Shannon M. (Spartan Patient)

Feel the Royal Benefits

If you have severely damaged your tooth then Dr. Jelsing may recommend our state-of-the-art dental crowns.
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Dental crowns not only help protect your tooth, but they also alleviate the pain associated with a cracked or broken tooth. On the other hand, dental bridges, which consist of two crowns and an artificial tooth, are used to replace missing teeth.

The main benefits of our dental crowns are:

  • Modern tooth replacement
  • Natural-looking
  • Long-lasting
  • Support misshapen or broken teeth
  • Restore tooth’s functionality

Dr. Jelsing prefers to use modern porcelain crowns because they are stronger and provide a better aesthetic finish.

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