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Family Dentistry

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Smile Solutions for Your Family

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Comprehensive Exams

Regular check-ups at your Bixby dentist are vital to keeping your smile and oral health in great shape. During these comfortable visits, Dr. Jelsing will perform a complete exam to check your teeth and gums’ health. These exams allow her to identify potential problems early on, so they don’t become bigger (more expensive!) problems in the future.

A typical exam includes:

  • Discussion about your health history

  • Knee to knee care (where we get to know you better)

  • Comprehensive exam of your teeth, gums, and mouth

  • TMJ evaluation

  • Digital x-rays (if applicable)

We use the latest digital technology to thoroughly assess your current oral health situation, check your previous dental work, and prevent future problems. We’ll also guide you through the entire process and answer any questions you may have.

Periodontal Therapy

Periodontal (gum) disease appears when plaque and calculus build up between your teeth, affecting the surrounding gum tissue. It’s a common condition that, if left untreated, can be linked to other health issues, including:

  • Red, irritated, bleeding, or swollen gums

  • Chronic bad breath

  • Tooth loss

  • Extreme tooth sensitivity

  • Heart disease

  • Stroke

Dr. Jelsing…Learn more about our dentist… and her hygiene team are experts in this area and can help you prevent periodontal disease, reduce the impact of the disease, and restore your gum’s health through periodontal therapy.

Periodontal treatment ranges from regular dental cleanings to scaling and root planing depending on the disease’s severity. These appointments remove all plaque and infection from above or below the gum line to restore your health.

During this time, we’ll also assess your brushing and flossing technique, identify any areas of concerns, and help you achieve a solid at-home routine.

Oral Cancer Screening

Did you know that your oral health can have a profound influence on your overall well-being? For this reason, Dr. Jelsing offers regular oral cancer screenings to families in Bixby, OK and the surrounding areas.

Our advanced screenings are crucial because they allow Dr. Jelsing to diagnose the early signs of oral cancer, which significantly increases your chance of survival.

During your appointment, Dr. Jelsing will visually and physically inspect your oral cavity and connected tissues using state-of-the-art technology. She’ll be on the lookout for common signs of cancer affecting the soft tissue in your mouth and throat. These include:

  • Red or white patches

  • Raised lesions

  • Unexplained bumps

  • Bleeding of the gums

This screening is a non-invasive, comfortable, and very routine procedure. If Dr. Jelsing encounters something out of the ordinary, she’ll perform a biopsy to determine your treatment options.

Early diagnosis increases the chance of survival, so please schedule your annual cancer screening.


We offer dental sealants to help you protect your family against cavity formation and decay.

Sealants are a tooth-colored acrylic coating that acts as a protective shield against all plaque and bacteria. Sealants help keep food or debris from becoming stuck by filling in the grooves on your tooth’s surface. These grooves are often suspectable, especially for our younger patients.

Sealants are easily applied by Dr. Jelsing, and they only take a few minutes per tooth. This preventive treatment is an ideal option for both adults and children to protect your teeth against tooth decay!

Our Hygiene Program

Guiding your family to superior oral health.
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What Is It?

Did you know that three out of four adults are affected by periodontal disease in their lifetime? In fact, you are at a higher risk of losing your teeth to gum disease than cavities. At Spartan Family Dentistry, we won't let that happen! With our regular professional cleanings and hygiene program, we can help prevent gum disease.

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Healthy Diet

The food you eat daily has a significant impact on your oral health. A good diet filled with healthy foods and snacks can protect your mouth from many diseases and dental health issues. While some foods can improve your immune system, others can slow the growth of decay in your mouth.

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Regular Cleanings

Daily brushing and flossing are the first line of defense against plaque build-up, but sometimes that's not enough. Therefore, we offer a hygiene program and professional cleanings specially designed to maintain your gums' health and keep your teeth looking great. Trust our dental hygienists to provide the best care in the most gentle fashion.

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Daily Routine

Together, we will evaluate your brushing and flossing techniques and make your at-home routine even better. Our caring and highly skilled hygienists will guide you and give you top tips about brushing, flossing, and the ideal resources to use, i.e., toothpaste, types of floss, etc.


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More Services to Make You Smile
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Sedation Dentistry

We understand that not everyone enjoys visiting the dentist and that even the thought of coming in may cause you to feel anxious or fearful.

At Spartan Family Dentistry, we want everyone to feel relaxed, which is why we carry a range of sedation options, also known as “Safe & Comfort Dentistry.” Over the years, we’ve helped hundreds of nervous patients to achieve their smile goals through exceptional sedation dentistry.

Dr. Jelsing provides different options to make you feel calm and at ease during your procedure. Plus, you’ll feel immersed in a serene atmosphere and with zero discomforts.

Our options include:

  • Oral Sedation

  • IV Sedation

  • Nitrous Oxide

  • General Anesthesia

Allow us to remove all your dental fears as you dare to experience dentistry in a new and relaxing way.

Root Canals
There’s no reason to fear root canal therapy! Thanks to modern techniques and innovative technology, it’s possible to repair your infected tooth without any discomfort or extensive treatment.

It’s important to note that root canals are preventable with a solid hygiene routine. However, if you need a root canal, then our expert family dentist in Bixby, OK can help!

When a tooth is severely damaged or decayed, it can become infected. This results in pain, increased sensitivity, and, if not addressed early, the need for a root canal.

A root canal consists of a thorough cleaning of the inside of your tooth. During the treatment, our dentist removes all decay and infected tissue. Dr. Jelsing will then fill the space with a special material to restore your tooth’s structure and integrity (while saving your natural tooth). The entire process takes place using local anesthetic and sedation dentistry, as needed.

If you are experiencing tooth pain, then please contact us…Contact us for more information...


Mouthguards are dental appliances ideal for many different lifestyles, activities, and conditions. Whatever reason you need a mouthguard, at Spartan Family Dentistry, our team will help you choose one that fits your individual needs.

Our custom mouthguards can help by:

  • Protecting your teeth during sports

  • Preventing teeth grinding

  • Assisting with sleep patterns

  • Bite realignment

  • TMJ treatment

All of our mouthguards are custom-made and designed for a comfortable fit while benefiting your oral health.

Our nightguards are used to prevent teeth grinding (bruxism) during the night. By tackling bruxism, we can help prevent other dental issues such as worn-down teeth, a misaligned bite, and TMJ disorder.

We also offer sportsguards for patients of all ages. These appliances are used to prevent your teeth and gums from being harmed during physical activity.

In addition to our previously mention appliances, we also provide mouthguards (or splints) for TMJ and other dental issues. If you’re unsure which mouthguard would best benefit you, please speak to our team for more details.

Children’s Dentistry

As your family dentist in Bixby, OK, Dr. Jelsing loves caring for our younger patients. With many years of experience under our belts, our entire team is prepared to help children of all ages establish excellent oral hygiene habits.

During the appointment, we go beyond the norm to make sure your child feels at ease, and we help them discover how much fun the dentist can be. We take a look around their mouth, check fluoride levels, and provide you with all the information you need for at-home care. We aim to keep your child’s visit pleasant and short without compromising our quality of care.

For us, prevention is our primary goal when caring for your young ones. This is why we suggest regular dental visits for optimal care and discuss the ideal techniques for brushing and flossing.

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